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Ay Dios Mio! My favorite place!

Ay Dios Mio! My favorite place! Their pho is sooo good! Whether u eat there or take out. Vietnamese pork egg rolls are amazing! Orange chicken is the best in town, but their best dish is their Garlic shrimp! Holy crap that dish is awesome! Lightly battered shrimp fried and tossed in this amazing garlic sauce served with cucumbers and tomatoes. The only reason I dont go there everytime I want vietnamese is because I spend 15 bucks more for take out there than at Saigon Pho in Westminster for the same amount of food, or else I would soooo be there every week. Now the service, depends on the time of day or their mood cuz its a bipolar staff, and for the price if you treat me wrong I would usually throw an eggroll at you but I wouldn’t dare waste those delicious morsels sooooo I order take out. The only thing I have to remind them to put in my bag is extra chili sauce otherwise I have never had a problem. – Yvette S.