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Ay Dios Mio! My favorite place! Their pho is sooo good! Whether u eat there or take out. Vietnamese pork egg rolls are amazing! Orange chicken is the best in town, but their best dish is their Garlic shrimp! Holy crap that dish is awesome! Lightly battered shrimp fried and tossed in this amazing garlic sauce served with cucumbers and tomatoes. The only reason I dont go there everytime I want vietnamese is because I spend 15 bucks more for take out there than at Saigon Pho in Westminster for the same amount of food, or else I would soooo be there every week. Now the service, depends on the time of day or their mood cuz its a bipolar staff, and for the price if you treat me wrong I would usually throw an eggroll at you but I wouldn’t dare waste those delicious morsels sooooo I order take out. The only thing I have to remind them to put in my bag is extra chili sauce otherwise I have never had a problem. – Yvette S.

I go here at least once per week.  It’s a hopping place at lunch, so if you can come early, do so.  Inexpensive, fast service and good food.  Like the pho, but they only have a large and small – the large is really huge and the small is tiny.  But if you come hungry, it’s perfect. - Don H.

Some of the best Pho I have ever had! Incredible broth and very fresh & tasty rare steak. Also, the Chicken & Eggroll bowl is great! Their Eggrolls and Fish sauce are THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD. - Jason L.

We joke that this should be an extension of our office since we eat there so often, but we do enjoy the cafe. It’s one of the only places around that isn’t a chain restaurant and that offer some healthy food. I enjoy the grilled chicken egg roll bowl for lunch, but everything I’ve had has been delicious. My veggie coworkers are also pleased with their many options. - Matt H.

Yum!!  I greatly enjoyed the combo meat plate…it was a huge portion.  The pork egg roll was delicious.  The fried rice was cooked just right, very moist and not much egg (thats how I like it anyway).  You can’t go wrong with the pho soup if you are looking for something healthy.  Also, I think the prices are just right,  I will keep coming back to this restaurant. – Angela S.

Yum, great little place for some pho, bun and egg rolls. The boba smoothies are perfection – love the serving sizes. The service is great, can’t complain about the decor. A great place for Vietnamese food in Westy. Totally recommend this place- go on Tuesdays, they have $5 noodle bowls which is an awesome deal as their servings are HUGE. – J T.

I still love this place! It’s always clean and inviting! I could slurp their scrumptious hot and sour soup for days! –  Moon L.

Still the best! PLEASE, if you have not gone, GO!!!! Egg rolls, Pho and their green tea ice cream is YUMMY!!! – Katty V.

Get the curry, it’s amazing.  They also have one of the best hot and sour soups I’ve ever had.  Every time my family comes into town, they stop here first for hot and sour soup and curry!   I’ve been to several other Vietnamese places nearby and they just don’t compare.  This is fresh, tasty food. – Dobby S.

Love, love, loved the food!  I had the curry beef, with wonton soup and they both were awesome.  My husband and I agreed that the egg rolls (which had meat in them ) were the best that we’ve ever had anywhere. Sending my husband back today just to pick up a to-go order of the egg rolls. – Rachel M.

I go here a couple of times a month and am a combination noodle bowl fan. Seasoned grilled beef, chicken, and shrimp plus low carb rice noodles and fresh carrot, cucumber, sprouts, and cilantro. Everything in one bowl. Nice! Tuong usually is my waiter and remembers my favorite dish, the combo. If you like it spicy, try their fresh chili paste on top. This place has been doing it right for 13 years. On the west end of Colorado Marketplace Shopping Center. – Troy R.

I LOVE this place!  I’ve been coming here for over 3 years and am addicted to their combo noodle bowl (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef and Eggroll).  The food tastes healthy, fresh and delicious!  Great customer service. – Autumn B.

Best combination noodle bowl in Denver. Meat is perfect, service is top notch, full bar and Boba. What more does one need? - Casey C.

Love their noodle bowls! I’ve sampled noodle bowls in lots of restaurants and the Vietnamese Cafe remains my favorite.- Judy B.

Love this place… always clean, food always fresh. Our family has been eating here since they opened many years ago. I have never had anything I did not like. We usually order the spring rolls, Seasame Chicken, Basil Shrimp and Chicken , and the Beef wrapped shrimp. Excellent service even for take out. Its nice that they always remember who I am when I call….  Give it a try next time and it will be a favorite of yours too! - Annette M.

I’ve never been disappointed with this place. They are very friendly and quick with the service. The food isn’t necessarily healthy, but a lot healthier compared to most other places in the area. The food is always VERY fresh and delicious! I haven’t had anything I haven’t liked from here yet and I get something different each time. Their eggrolls are AMAZING, along with the sauce they are served with. Try their lemongrass beef as well, or the Chicken Curry! - Justin W.